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Keys and Certificates

Here you will find Information related to our keys and certificates



Download S/MIME CA-Certificate



Download PGP CA-Key

EF99 8837 5685 6BAE E70A
40F3 7C19 4D4E F1EC 3A94

What versions of S/MIME or PGP are supported by Patent Attorneys Ruff, Wilhelm, Beier, Dauster & Partners mbB?

- S/MIME 3.1 (RFC 2440)
- OpenPGP (RFC 2440)
- PGP / MIME (RFC 3156) for encrypted e-mails to us

Where can I download user keys?

User keys are available on our key server:
or via an LDAP Interface

BaseDN for certificates:
BaseDN for PGP keys:
   "o=PGP Keys" 

I do not find a certificate for my contact person at Patent Attorneys Ruff, Wilhelm, Beier, Dauster & Partners mbB during the "Certificate Search" on your website.

Certificates are published exclusively for those accounts activated for S/MIME and PGP. Supposedly, the account is not activated for e-mail encrypting if you fail to find the contact details.

Please contact our support via

I do not use S/MIME or PGP. What alternatives are available for secure communication via e-mail with Patent Attorneys Ruff, Wilhelm, Beier, Dauster & Partners mbB?

We also support transmission of e-mails via an encrypted channel between your and our mail servers according to RFC 3207 (Secure SMTP via Transport Layer Security).

As an alternative, we offer the option of data exchange via a Web Messenger Service.

Please contact our support via