Dear visitor to our website,

in the following privacy statement we explain what data will be collected and processed during a visit to our website and for what purpose they are used. Moreover, we draw your attention to the potential influence you have, e.g. disagreement to usage profiles.

If you have any questions in relation to data protection, you may contact our data protection officer Volker Möller (with Dr. Merath Beratung) by e-mail in confidence:

The protection of your personal rights in handling your personal data is not just a statutory duty for us, but also a sign of respect for any individual person.

1.) Basic Functionality of this Website

During a visit to this website (also accessible via, and your browser will transmit the following types of data. These data will be temporarily stored in a so-called web server log file:

  • IP address of the requesting computer 
  • Server inquiries (e.g. site accesses) with time
  • Browser type and browser version
  • Operating system of your computer 
  • Referrer URL (i.e. the address of the previously visited website, if you accessed our website by activating a hyperlink)

The first four data types are technically necessary, in order to allow correct presentation of the entered pages of this website. In addition, they can also be used, if required, to maintain safe operation of this website (e.g. for prevention of hacking attempts). The referrer URL is used in anonymised form for advertising statistic purposes (by the network operator).

2.) Basic Functionality of the Subdomains

There are a number of subdomains to our domain


With all of the subdomains the same types of data are collected and processed and used for the same purposes as outlined in paragraph 1.

The four subdomains first mentioned are restricted. That is, logging in is permitted only with a corresponding user name and password. In these subdomains, there is additionally transmission and processing of your login data, where necessary.

3.) Functionality Contact Form

Besides various other communication channels like e-mail and telephone, this website offers a contact form for requests and enquiries. It is designed to input contact data needed for communicating (name and telephone number or e-mail address) and to enter the subject matter of your message.

These data are used for customer relation management (customer interaction) and for responding/accomplishing your request.

4.) Session Cookies

Our website uses cookies. The cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer by your browser. In that context, session cookies can be distinguished from usage profile cookies (cf. paragraph 5).

For using the contact form on this website, a session cookie is needed. By means of this session cookie, your browser session can effectively be related to you. As already indicated by the name „session cookie“, this cookie is deleted upon closing your browser.

Mere looking at individual pages of this website is possible without any cookies. If you do not want any (session) cookies, you can achieve this by according settings or a corresponding Add-On of your browser.

5.) Pseudonymous Usage Profiles

For advertising, market research and demand oriented design of the website the host of the website creates pseudonymous usage profiles. These usage profiles are pseudonymised (on the web server) so that only anonymous data (i.e. no person-related or person-relatable data like your IP address) get to the service provider.

Your person-related data, as mentioned in paragraphs 1 to 3, are not amalgamated with the usage profiles. That is, your usage profile does not carry your name and, reciprocally, nobody knows what your actual usage profile looks like.

Web tracking (i.e. collecting data for these usage profiles) is by using usage profile cookies and active contents (so-called scripts). With the aid of these cookies, the web server can recognize you during your browser session and can recognize you upon your next session, unless the cookie was removed in the meantime.

You can disagree to the compilation of usage profiles of your surfing habits on this website by deactivating the related cookies and scripts. The creation of (usage profile) cookies can be controlled or prevented with the aid of a corresponding Add-On of your browser.

On our website we use „WebAnalytics“ of 1 &1 IONOS as a web tracker (unless you disagreed). Storage of person-related data is exclusively in Germany. Detailed information may be found in: